Monday, December 11, 2006


Rise up 2

O Sikh Young men! Rise and fill yourselves with this glory. It makes you noble,bold and free,self-drunk,selfless,flowerlike,sun-like.It Sweetens you and your sweetness sweetens all life around you.At your Sight, the lamb and the tiger must drink at the same pool. Perpetual spring must roll in you. You shall be the moral influence of radiating peace, good-will, friendship, fellowship ,life,vigour,vitality,in short, sprituality. You shall live in perpetual blossom,reconciled to the sorrow of life in a thousand new ways everyday. Be Ye a revelation to the world of man, of the gods that live in your hearts. Seekers after God retire to the woods. Show them they need not go to the woods,for the Guru made you the woods. Seeing you, you yourself, the very peace of woods, the freshness of the little rivulets chiming through them should come to all. Your long tresses shall provide the shade of the woods and their mystery.

Taken from Spirit Born Poeple- Professor Puran Singh

It's very poetic.
Sat Siri Akaaaaaaal!
Wickeddd post
Beautiful quote!
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