Sunday, June 17, 2007


Poem -Maulana Rumi

Never be without rememberance of Him,

for His rememberance

gives strength and wings

to the bird of the Spirit.

If that objective of yours

is fully realized, that is

"Light upon Light"...

...But at the very least, by

practicing God's rememberance

your inner being

will be illuminated

little by little and

you will achieve

some measure of detachment

from the world.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


I'm Back

I just woke up from my hibernation. A lot of things are different now. I've gotten a new job and I have moved out of my old place after having to deal with a psychotic landlady . The past couple of months were filled with a strange string of events days which changed my plans on moving to Calgary Alberta. But GURPARSAD, every thing is smooth now. It's all cool runnings.

BUT anyways leaving all the past events aside,I will try to keep this updated on a regular basis.

On a brighter note I'd also like to congratulate Matlock on acquiring his law degree. This is a good sign for us law breakers (haha).

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Saint and the Villagers

A saint once lived on the outskirts of a village in Northern India, and it was to him that the village people always went to advice. Suddenly,there was an epidemic that killed all the roosters,hens and chickens in the village,so the villagers went to the Saint.

" O saint," they told him, "we have lost all our hens and roosters and even the little chickens. What shall we do?
" There must be some good in it ," said the Saint, and nothing more could induce him to say more.
A few days later a sickness of some kind struck down all of the villagers' many dogs. Once again they went to the saint.
"Now, O Saint,every single dog in the village has died. We are without watchdogs and at the mercy of thieves. What shall we do?
"God must have seen some good in this also ," the saint told them.
In those days , before they were any matchsticks, everyone in india would cover their cooking fires with ashes to keep them alive.But a few days after all the dogs had died, every single cooking fire went out mysteriously.
The villagers were more distressed than ever. They told the saint what had happened.
"This is another sign of the grace of god," he said with all the serenity in the world.
"What grace can there be,when we have no fire left to cook our food? the villagers asked him.
" Wait and see. Wait and see," said the saint."Have patience,It is not always a simple matter to discern the plans of God."
Almost a day had gone by when a cruel and warlike King, accompanied by a huge army,passed through the country side surrounding the village. Wherever he went,his soldiers killed,looted,burnt and destroyed with a savageand terrifying ferocity.When the King came near the village of the saint,he looked at it to see whether he should order it to be robbed and burnt.But when he saw that there was not a single cock crowing,not a single dog barking,and not a single fire smoking, he told his leading general. "This is a deserted village. Its not worth bothering about. Order the army forward to the next village."

It was only then the villagers came to understand the meaning of all that had happened.

Moral :
For where the lord is pleased to abide, nothing can go wrong.He has been taking care of our affairs from day one.
Those who live in the will of god are true devotees.

Monday, February 19, 2007


Alexander the Great's Last Wish

After conquering most of then known world and leading his army deep into northwestern India. Alexander the Great was about to return to his homeland. He consulted the astrologers and asked if they could tell him how and when he was going to die.
Their Calculations showed that his life was short; in gact, it was almost at an end. They did not want to lie, and yet the truth would put their lives in danger.
"O Mighty King!" the cheif astrologer told the great conqueror, after much deliberation,"our calculations show that you will not die until the earth turns into iron and the sky is transformed into gold."

"Aha," thought Alexander to himself, "miracles such as this will take ages to come to pass. Maybe I'll never die."
But as he rode westward towards Persia,he suffererd a severe attack of malaria while passing through the Seistan Desert, now in Southwestern Afghanistan. " A fever has come over me," Alexander said to his cheif minister riding beside him." My Strength has gone and I can ride no Further."
At this, the minister was filled with anxiety, " O sire, I beg of you,ride just a few miles more," he said. " We may then find a tree under whose shade you can lie down and rest."
On they rode across the barren desert under a scorching sun. But after a further two or three miles, Alexander was so weak that he could ride no more. Alighting from his horse, he lay down on the hot ground, gasping for breath.
The worried minister had but one thought- how to give comfort to his emperor and protect him from the blazing sun. To make a soft couch for the great king to lie upon, he removed his coat of iron chain-mail which, as was then the custom, was lined with forty layers of silk to ward off sword strokes. He spread it on the ground, and Alexander rested on the soft couch of silk. The minister then held his shield over the emperor's face to shade him from the sun.
Exhausted by the fever and tossing restlessly from side to side. Alexander chanced to look upwards and see the official's shield. It was, he saw, richly decorated with strips of gold. Then he was reminded of the astrologer's prediction.
"Oh, what a fool I was to rejoice over what the astrologer told me, " he groaned. " For here and now, his prediction has come true. The earth on which im lying is made of iron, and the sky above me is of gold."
It was at that moment the royal physicians arrived and examined the world conqueror.
"Your majesty," they told him," there is no use in trying to deceive you. At this very moment you are lying at death's door."
"Is there no remedy whatever?" gasped Alexander.
"No, sire, the fever is too severe. There is no medicine that could possibly help you now."
The mighty emperor was in despair when he heard these words. But despite his exhaustion, he still refused to believe that death could be so close at hand.
"O faithful friend, " he gasped, to his cheif minister, "announce at once that I will give half my kingdom to any man who will enable me to live long enough to have a last glimpse of my mother. What do you say , O physicians ? Could not such a thing be possible?"
"Nay,sire" the physicians were obliged to tell him " you have a few minutes to live "
Alexander was panic-stricken."To whoever who will take me alive to my mother," he cried out in a loud voice, "I will give up all my conquests, holding nothing back."
"Your Majesty," the physicians tld him in grave tones," there is nothing that can prevent your death now."
At this, the mighty terror of nations wept like a child.

Moral :
Not even the world conqueror escaped death, what makes us think we will live forever.Every day we take 24,000 breaths. We waste each of these priceless breaths in useless pursuits. We should make full use of this human birth to jaap naam

Friday, January 26, 2007


Animator Vs Animation


Thursday, December 14, 2006


The laugh is on you

Monday, December 11, 2006


Rise up 2

O Sikh Young men! Rise and fill yourselves with this glory. It makes you noble,bold and free,self-drunk,selfless,flowerlike,sun-like.It Sweetens you and your sweetness sweetens all life around you.At your Sight, the lamb and the tiger must drink at the same pool. Perpetual spring must roll in you. You shall be the moral influence of radiating peace, good-will, friendship, fellowship ,life,vigour,vitality,in short, sprituality. You shall live in perpetual blossom,reconciled to the sorrow of life in a thousand new ways everyday. Be Ye a revelation to the world of man, of the gods that live in your hearts. Seekers after God retire to the woods. Show them they need not go to the woods,for the Guru made you the woods. Seeing you, you yourself, the very peace of woods, the freshness of the little rivulets chiming through them should come to all. Your long tresses shall provide the shade of the woods and their mystery.

Taken from Spirit Born Poeple- Professor Puran Singh

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