Wednesday, November 22, 2006


The story of the Three Fishes

One day this guy acted on impulse and got three fishes.
Everything went smooth for a week. The guy changed the water fed his fishies, Sunao them Bani. Then one died. It was all good. Then today, a week later another one died. Guy thought that I should share it with you guys on my blog. Lifes unpredictible. So live, love and do what you are here to do. Don't wait till tommorrow because sometimes tommorrow might never come.

AjhU smiJ kCu ibgirE nwihin Bij ly nwmu murwir ]

ajehoo samajh kashh bigariou naahin bhaj lae naam muraar ||

Understand this today - it is not yet too late! Chant and vibrate the Name of the Lord.

Dun worry, the good die young..keep ya head up, u'll be ok
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