Thursday, October 19, 2006

I would like to thank everyone who did ardas for me. I got a job and I will be staying here for a little while longer. Thanks a whole bundle. Mans join the working world now.

Joining the working world huh?
The next step is marriage and children - lol.
Well it's certainly taking a while for that all to work out in my case so you may also have to wait.
I hope work is going well, it's nice not to have to take exams or do homework, for the rest of your life.
WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh!
so when are u going to get married
Why are you asking Simran?
..woah calm down there mah souljas...Prabhu Singh see what u started haha
hehe...GPS already has takers! wonder whos gonna be the lucky singhnee !

I think Gurpreet- an awesome Singh.
yes he sure is
he is special
he's mean!!
no he is not
Who are you simran?!!??
vice versa
What's going on here Gurpreet?
ahahah i think its the same person commenting on different names.

so when are you getting married...I know this great vicholan hehe.
All right let the bidding begin...
200 $Cdn
He's priceless.
he sure is
hes alrdy taken
by whom?
Guru Sahib ;)
Gurpreet Singh Ji told me that I started something on his blog. I thought at first 'uh oh.' Then I realized it wasn't a controversy, so it's all good. While we're on the topic though...(hehe)
We should try to match him up with somebody who has a similar style. Does anybody know any Khalsa ladies from the Caribbean?
I do!

but gurpretty is taken. read above.
haha....singh looks like....tera viah karkey chaddan gey sarey...lolz.....dun forget to invite me k..:p
so when is the wedding gurpreet
ok people stop bothering him...he said its gettin annoying now...and frustrating. come on be nice ok! =)
so when R YA GETTIN okokok!!! jokin.. enough of that what we should try to remebr!

much respect!
hi gurpreet why have u stop posting we miss u man
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