Wednesday, September 06, 2006



Everything is awesome. Sanjha Samagam was hype, Sadh Sangat samagam was hype, Yudh was hype (Although I Pref if Jarnail Singh won but the calgary singh was fastb). The keertans are nice but I think we should have more raag kirtan....raag is hype..we need more RAAG....thats my take on everything that happened the past few weeks...Oh i met some wonderful Gursikhs too....they came from as far as BC, New Mexico, England and Timbucktoo....truly blessed to meet some of them....I am looking for a job...anyone got hook ups in companies who need electrical engineering people please let a brother know ...

A few ppl asked me to write about the above events so there you go

they gonna deport ya! haha
singh man that post was hype wicked and awsome.
U forgot the Ha Ha Shinda
Next year its Sanjha in BC
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