Monday, August 14, 2006

Where there is insecurity in the mind and in the being, there is no faith in God. It is a denial of the existence of the Almighty, Who rotates the planet earth in 24 hours and gives us night and day -

-Yogi Bhajan

How can you quote Yogi Bhajan?
It's really easy. All you have to do is read something by Him and quote it .
there is so many bad things he did!!!
PLEASE POST A LINK TO THIS STORY on your blog and spread awareness re: these issues occuring in Punjab (female infanticide!) It is beyond disturbing!

Hey Gurpreet Singh Ji,It is totally offensive to the Sikh Panth,that you have a quote from A fake Sant Baba Yogi.Not only did he try to elavate himself to a level of being called a "guru",as we know that many of his chelay did matha tekna to him.As well in some 3ho Gurdwaray they have pics of Yogi in front of Guru Sahib's Takht.So these people are bowing to this pic of Yogi Bhajan.

Also we all say that we are against those people who dont agree with Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji,as the Satguru right??? Well there is pics of Yogi Bhajan with the fake Naamdhari Guru Jagjit Singh,so how can you put a quote by this fake Sikh yogi???? How much do you wanna bet that he did Matha Tekna to this fake Guru.

This Yogi has corrupted the minds of those Sikhs who joined 3ho.

I know everyone say's oh well look at all the people who have become Sikhs because of his parchaar,but he has given these people a taintd version of Sikhi.

There are many examples of Yogi being charged with rape,abuse,and harassment.

Not only that,he has been implicated in may cases of his followers who have been busted selling kilo's of cocaine,and money laundering.

This is totally disgusting that you have a quote by a man who was trying to destroy Sikhi,someone who was trying to start his own religion,by taking the teachings of Guru Sahib,and trying to mix it with his own thoughts.

Now Gurpreet Singh Veer Ji,as a good friend of mine,I'm shocked that you have a quote by this Anti Panthic goon.

What is a Sri Singh Sahib?? no one in all of Sikh History has ever had this title,so why does he have it???? What about how people say he is the ambassador of Sikhi in the Western Hempishere,well he is his equal in the Eastern Hemisphere??

We all know that true Gurmukhs are very humble,kind,and loving people,well there are many examples' of Yogi Bhajan telling people off.Also there is video and audio of him complaining and talking bad about people.

He was pumping money into the S.G.P.C.,so thats why they were serving and catering to him.He used Sikhi as a business,he wasnt in it for the Pyaar of Guru Ji.

We will feel his influence in future Sikh generations,but believe me it will be a negative outcome.

I hope you take his quote off of your blog.

From Karamjeet Singh

hahahahahahahahahah You got punked Gurpreeeeeet
and ur same guru Granth sahibJI (Guru) says that dont judge others.
respect those who are on the path...and consider ur sefl lowest of low!


He is gone...and has done what was asked by GOD. not even a leaf movez without God's permission/will. by naam simran thzt what we are to realize that waheguru is in all...but thn again here we go bashin eachother.
Waheguru has sent Guru Nanak Dev ji, and before that loads of bhagatas has come to help the humanity realize the reality of life. more will come IF THERE A NEED FELT BY GOD! why do u think ur way is the right way. may be for u, just like for any muslim or hindu they see their way is best!
Sikhi is about the whole humanity and not jus few people who think "ALIKE"

IF WAHEGURU AKAL PURAK wants someone to go on the wrong path..there is no power that can stop that one soul to go on the wrong path. It's waheguru's kirpa ...and his wish/will!

if i have said something wrong forgive me! but rely on Guru ji's opinion and not the other peoples!
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