Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Liccle Birdy

So I finished my class and I was heading to my friends car. When I saw this little birdy on the fence. At first I was like wow its a beautiful birdy so i was going to take a picture. Then I realised something was wrong with it. Somehow its little feet got stuck in the fence and it was trying hard to break free but it couldn't. So I dropped my stuff and tried to free its feet and after I did. It didn't fly ..It just stayed there so I picked up my camera and took a pic then it strangely it the little birdy flew away.
Here's the pic of the birdy :

aweee you're soo sweeeeeeeeeeeet..
Gurpreet Singh..How old are you now?
When are you going to get married?
and it didnt even stop 2 say thank u...shoulda shot it and had it 4 dinner
jadhoun meree bibi da dil keeta kio tusee ke laina mai jadhou(n ) marjee viaaa karvava( n)
Nice Blog!
Keep it up!

The chiree waited for you to take it home and marry it, but you had bad breath.
The GS fan club is out in force I see :-)

Erm a similar story but in pictures with a wasp:


The wasp was stuck in my garden adn couldnt fly as some little pieces of besan (I kid you not) had attached themselves to it's wings. So I got a tiny little stick - smaller than a matchstick and carefully prised them off without hitting the wasp itself. And off it shot with out a word.

It was a major operation - just like in ER :-)

Oh yellow striped things - Shinda will not like.

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