Saturday, May 27, 2006


A thousand Deaths

Another great piece written by my past brother in crime and my present brother indepth........
A thousand deaths

God always tests all, and tests us well, but not beyond ability,
Life is one big long and arduous lesson in humility
We value pride and ambition as our strengths that form within,
Yet pride and ambition are actually flawed because they’re actually sin
Every time I see the sun and clouds begin to clear
What once was a sign of hope is now new impending fear.
Yes today the day is perfect, and all of it seems well,
Yet now I fear that evening will bring with it dark hell.

Every time I dust my knees from that last tumultuous fall,
I am fooled again and tell my mind that God will hear my call
And while he hears, I know he does, he sends me nothing blessed
Because again He says, my son you’re here and here’s another test.
Every day I die some more, and yet He makes me live,
My heart and soul is barely whole but all I have to give.

Kamaral B.

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