Monday, May 29, 2006


Stop Genocide and Save Darfur

Sudan has been plagued by violence for years. The most recent spat of violence erupted in 2003 when rebel groups in Darfur began attacking the nation's government, which retaliated by mobilizing militia. These government sponsored militia know as the Janjaweed have ravaged Darfur . Over 2 million people have been displaced from their homes and some estimate 10,000 people are dying each month. Women and young girls are being raped, people abducted, families savagely killed, and villages burnt to the ground and looted. Those who escape these atrocities are forced to congregate in overcrowded disease ridden camps.

The Sudanese government instead of taking responsibility for its actions, has kept its people oppressed and in fear. If they speak out they are abducted and killed. Children are starving to death, and dying of curable diseases in the thousands. Sudan is on the verge of mass starvation. No foreseeable help is on the way, the UN's World Food Program has just cut food rations in half for Darfur .

This is one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis's. The people of Darfur need our help, support, and prayers. It is time for the Sikh community to stand up to these grave injustices and show the people of Darfur that we stand with them, in their time of need. Sikh's have a history of standing up to injustice and helping those in need. What greater example than Guru Tegh Bhadur Sahib Ji, who sacrificed their life for the rights of those of a different faith. What greater example than Langar where anyone and everyone is welcome to the free food kitchen to eat at any time of day. What greater example than Bhai Ghanaya who saw god in all. It is time to rekindle the spirit of our Guru's and show the world that Sikh's will be there in the time of need. Let us stand tall and support the brave people of Darfur .

On Sunday June 25, 2006 at the Sikh Spiritual Center ( 9 Carrier Dr. , Rexdale , Ontario ), let us gather from 2:30 – 5:30pm to educate ourselves and show our support to the people of Darfur . Amnesty International, CASTS (Canadians Against Slavery and Torture in Sudan ), as well as families who have escaped from Darfur will be present at this event. Booths will be set up where we can sign up and become involved in human rights at the grass roots level. There will be heart touching Keertan in Raag, as well as an Ardas for Sarbat da Bhalla (prayer for the well being of all). Let us show the world that Sikhs will be there to stand against injustice and to help those in need. Let us fill the Gurdwara and show the world the spirit of the Sikhs.

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