Sunday, May 14, 2006


Something that hit me real hard

I was just browsing through Tapoban forums and I came across this post. Link to this post is below.

You are amritdhari and still no where

Idea Says :

Yeah, you took amrit and everyone gave you their praise and you're the new "hardcore" gursikh in the family. But that was it. Didnt' get up for amrit vela, didn't keep much rehit. Maybe you did your nitnem, or maybe you did it MOST of the time. But yeah, that's it. You might go to a smagam every now and then dressed up in crazy bana, but that's where it stops.

What makes you different than anyone else? Are you still doing the stuff you always did? Same stuff any regular manmukh would do? Maybe the question is why you took amrit in the first place: was it to met Waheguru or was it to get everyone's praise and respect?

Being amritdhari doesn't stop after taking amrit. It's the start. But so many people just stop there. Dont' be so proud of just having taken amrit. Are you doing your part that you promised to guru ji? If you never wake up at amrit vela and dont' do paath and aren't growing every day in your rehit, what is there to be proud of? Being amritdhari is about walking on the the path to Waheguru. If you're not walking that path, I think you're proably wasting your time.

Make sure you're not an amritdhari and still nowhere. This applies to me just as much to anyone else. Sorry to be so harsh.

realise and move on! don't cry bad bwoy
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