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Sikhitothemax has been De-SANT'ED?

Okay I don't know gurmukhi but im trying to learn so usually I would take a random shabd and read it and read the translation but I didn't realise anything different but today as I was visiting Tapoban I came across this
( http://www.tapoban.org/phorum/read.php?f=1&i=85016&t=85016) and I'm not sure if its right to change the meaning of bani to but Guru sahib is akaal Purakh themselves and then there is also saints . Take for example in this shabd the previous translations were :

sMq DUir pweIAY vfBwgI ]
sa(n)th dhhoor paaeeai vaddabhaagee ||
By great good fortune, I have obtained the dust of of the saints feet.

Now it is :

sMq DUir pweIAY vfBwgI ]

sa(n)th dhhoor paaeeai vaddabhaagee ||
By great good fortune, I have obtained the dust of the Guru's feet.

So why did sttm change the translations? Was it wrong before ? How can most if not All be wrong?

This is strange. First I don't understand why sant is transliterated as sa(n)th, if I were to transliterate the Gurmukhi word it would be translaed exactly as 'sant,' or maybe 'sa(n)t' but definitely not 'th.'
Also the word is sant, the meaning of sant is saint (close to it anyway), so why is it translated as Guru?
It seems kind of like a distortion to me, which has me questioning what would be the reason?
Prabhu Singh Ji,

The transliteration as you noted shouldn't be th, as its not making the same "th" sound as found in words like "the, there" etc, rather to symbolize a softer t sound.

As to why it was done, is simply to sway the argument made by certain lines of thought, that Sant when used in Gurbani is used to describe Guru Sahib versus a particular individual.

This is one of those contraverisal debates, and SikhiToTheMax has chosen a side of how it chooses to describe/translate this term.
Generally in transliterations, they use the 'h' after t's or d's to mark aspiration as this tata is not an aspirated letter, I wouldn't use the 'h.' I'd seen others use the 'h' before and I wondered why. I can understand because it is a softer 't,' with the tongue against the back of the teeth. However, if the 'h' is used for this tata then how do they transliterate the thatha that is used in the word panth?
SikhiToTheMax seems to have gone to the more 'missionary' / AKJ view. Where they believe no one is a sant other than Guru Sahib.

I would have preferred that they kept Sant as Sant, and leave the arth upto the reader, instead of imposing on the reader that the only Sant is Guru Sahib.

Does anyone know what SikhiToTheMax now transaltes Brahmgyani to? Would be interesting to look at.
I think they have changed it. You can view the same tapoban thread for more info
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