Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Nagar Kirtan Commentary

Nagar Kirtan was alright. For sure this year the turnout was much longer but I didn't feel the vibe as I did in previous years. But overall it was good. For more comments on the Nagar Kirtan you can check out Shinda Singhs Blog and the links on there. One thing I didn't like about the whole Nagar Kirtan thing was the ending where politician come and give a speech. I mean yeah its alright for publicity etc but its the same old lame speeches and what is worse is the organisers and the 'man who introduced the politicians and handed out token of appreciation' ( I am sure there's a word for him but its not on my mind right now). But I couldn't stand the way he was sucking up to them big time and stresssssssssssssssing that the little crystal model of the Harmandir Sahib had gold in it.But anyways I was talking to a Singh the other day and we were imagining the nagar kirtan ending off with simran in the city hall. Simran with the thousands of people that showed that would've been something...oh well day hopefully.......oh yeah the gatkaaa teams were amazing also...i will try to upload more videos as they are processed .

dream on that ain't happening..all the sikh old men be running around politicians..
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