Wednesday, May 17, 2006


It is Compulsory to introspect The daily Routine

Taken from - Say Kinayhi-aa - Biography of Sant Baba Harnaam Singh

Sant Baba Harnaam Singh Rampur Kherawale used to say " Every Gursikh before going to bed should peep though his actions for a short time. If some bad deed has been done or a lie has been told or somebody's feelings have been hurt or if somebody's right has been swallowed or anything done on the instigation of the mind then prayer should be done in the feet of the Great Guru for begging pardon and remaining cautious in the Future. On the other hand if something good or of benevolent nature has been done by God through you,then he should be thanked for this service and prayer should be offered in his feet,so that this body should be assigned to some nobler or pious purpose. One must not be proud of his good deeds. As a trader keeps an expenditure lowere than income, So they become rich and proposperous by doing daily accounts. Similarly we should also try to keep our good deeds,over bad ones,so that we should be claimant for Guru Sahib's Grace

I never thought of this practice, but I admire it, and will see if I can implement it. I could see this as a really good practice for children to do, to teach them how to be introspective and meditative and realize how their actions affect people and how many gifts God has given them. I often fall asleep and am dead tired so I can't even think of the day before collapsing. I've fallen asleep reading kirtan sohila so many times. It seems impossible since it is such a short bani, but I've fallen asleep in the middle a lot. I usually wake up though if I'm in the middle of a bani. Any way, thanks for the post.
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