Monday, April 03, 2006


Lead me home

Lead me home

My soul is exhausted, my heart is battered

I feel I’ve lost it and my inside is shattered

I look in the mirror and I see a boy staring back at me

Scared and alone, he turns his back on me

He hates me because I lost him along the way

He sat there waiting knowing I would return one day

Show me the way to grace

Help me detach myself from this earthly place

I barely know myself, can’t recognize my face

I am in a craze in this present disgrace.

I close my eyes and I see you there

I open them to an emptiness I can’t bare

I dream you as we should be, with me

But reality forced me to let you be free

I am so attached to this earthly love

That I neglect my calling from up above

He told me that it’s not up to me

Leave love, things are as they should be

It doesn’t matter if now you don’t see,

But in time you will come to agree.

A wounded soldier in a winless war

I question what I was fighting for

How did we let things get this far

How did this scratch become a scar?

I release myself, that is my last choice

You no longer yearn to hear my voice

You were a dove, I was the cage,

You fed me love, I poured you rage

Lead me home to your grace

Lead me home to your safety

Lead me home, away from this place

Lead me home, save me

Written by : Kamaral B.

vaheguroo ji
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