Tuesday, April 18, 2006


La Salle Gurdwara - Quebec

nice pics...

good thing you didnt forget this memory card in Montreal.
Jo Bole So Nihal
Sat Shri AKAL.....

Cool pics... Nishan Sahib looks great..
more pics
niceee pics
was it a smagam or something
its beautiful (Y)

Being from the UK, I visited this Gurdwara around 4years ago when i was visiting family there. I only got to go for a hour or so but it has stayed with me since. One of the most beautiful Gurdwara's i've been fortunate enough to visit.
Thank you so so so much for the images. I never managed to take any photos when i went, so seeing these has helped bring all those amazing memories back

Wow - lovely looking Gurwara - it's going on the list.
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