Thursday, March 02, 2006


Blinded and trapped

There was once a blind man who in addition to not being able to see, also had a bald head. For a Misdemeanour he had commited, the king put the poor fellow in a specially built prison designed like a maze or labyrinth.
The prison had a number of false doors and one real door that opened and led to the light of the outside world. By the King's order,anyone who could find the real door coupld step through it and immediately gain his freedom.

For a long time the blind man felt his way carefully around the prison walls, searching for the real door. But as it happened, every time that he actually came to it, he was distracted by an itch on his bald head.As a result, he scratched his head each time he came to the door to freedom. And as he kept moving slowly along the prison walls, he missed the one real door over and over again

We are in similar situation. When eventually we are born as human beings, we squander our lives away pleasing the mind. Thus, we Never escape from the cycle of birth and death. Distracted by the mind and sensesm We constantly miss our one chance for salvation

waheguru, thanks for sharing
Interesting metaphor... but true none the less!
I think the bald dude had some form of bald head lice. He should have washed his head before going to jail.
nice one
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh

Nice Blog, very inspiring ...
The Simran Audio is the best!
i think we can learn a lesson from this sakhi and do kesi ishnaan every day so we dont suffer the same way as the blind one

mai andhulae kee tek theraa naam khudkaara
Totally agree with fauj Kaur

Realii inspring blog!!and amazingg simran!!!

can u please do us the favour of telling us where we can get the simran track 4rm,,please??
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