Thursday, March 23, 2006


A bird's complete love

There once was a holy man who was considered to be the messenger of god.
"I am the messenger of God ,"he thought to himself one day,filled with pride." He is pleased with me and loves none other more than me."

"O God!" he prayed, " tell me if there is another who loves and thinks about you more than I "
God replied, " I have many lovers."
"Please name one," the holy man urged.
"Leaving humans out of it for a moment, I will tell you about a bird that lives on a certain tree. Just go and talk to him."
"But I don't understand his language."
"Go! I give you the gift of understanding his language."
The holy man approached the bird who was sitting on the tree and asked," Tell me something about God."
"I have no time for talk," answered the bird. " I have only talked this much because you have come from my beloved."
" What keeps you so busy that you have no time to spare?" the holy man enquired.
"Day and night I sit in meditation of the lord, But I do have one problem," said the bird.
" What is that?" the holy man asked.
" I have to fly to a spring far away to drink water."
" How far is the spring?"
" It is across those wheat fields."
"That is not very far."
" How am i to make you understand? said the bird." It is a serious problem for me, as i have to interrupt my rememberance of him to go there."You are a human, You are blessed with the capabilities of remembering him all the time even if you have a task to complete."

The holy man thanked the lord for granting him human life and he then asked,
" How then can i be of any service to you?"

"Just bring the spring closer to me," the bird requested.
" That is not possible," he regretted.
"Then you can be of no help to me," the bird answered and went back to the repetition of Wahegurooo.

The lovers of the Lord remain completely absored in thinking of him all the time. Their condition is like that of a crow who comes and sits on a ship that is about to sail. Once the ship takes to the sea, the crow has no where to go. With the sea Underneath and the sky above, he has no choice but to return to the ship whenever he takes flight.

ok i know...mah bad..i just thought there was some important message even though it seemed like a fairy tale..but yea O.k.
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