Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Think before you speak

sloku mÚ 1 ]
nwnk iPkY boilAY qnu mnu iPkw hoie ]
iPko iPkw sdIAY iPky iPkI soie ]
iPkw drgh stIAY muih Qukw iPky pwie ]
iPkw mUrKu AwKIAY pwxw lhY sjwie ]1]

salok ma 1 ||
naanak fikai boliai than man fikaa hoe ||
fiko fikaa sadheeai fikae fikee soe ||
fikaa dharageh satteeai muhi thhukaa fikae paae ||
fikaa moorakh aakheeai paanaa lehai sajaae ||1||

Shalok, First Mehl:
O Nanak, speaking insipid words, the body and mind become insipid.He is called the most insipid of the insipid; the most insipid of the insipid is his reputation.
The insipid person is discarded in the Court of the Lord, and the insipid one's face is spat upon.
The insipid one is called a fool; he is beaten with shoes in punishment. ||1||

Waheguru Jee.. thanks for that Veerjee..

as for Bibi Jee.. I'm just a lil kiddie lol.. and the blog is nothing =)

Waheguru Jee Kaa Khaalsa Waheguru Jee Kee Fateh Jeeo!
Vaheguru, so true, sometimes we think certain words are not swear words but when someone passing by hears a Singh/Kaur say those words, what will they think?
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