Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Sweet Naam

The Naam of God is sweet to me says Guru Arjun Dev Jee in Sukhmanee Sahib...'Naam Prabhoo ka laga meeta'. Like when you go to someone's house and you drink the sweet tea, then take a bite of the even sweeter jelabee, then sipping the tea again you think - 'this is tasteless in comparison.'

Bhai Jasvir Singh Jee Khanaa vale gave the above example and continued, we think pleasures of the world are sweet. We love our spouse, our children, we get pleasure from food and drink, but once we have tasted Sweet Naam then all these worldy pleasures become plain in comparison.

The thing with saying 'Vaahi-guroo Vaahi-guroo' again and again is that it is tasteless at first says Bhai Gurdas Jee, like licking a rock. Wereas in the amusement park of the world, the glittering attractions are instantly pleasing to the mind. Pop music wants to make us dance as soon as it touches our eardrum, our mouth waters as soon as we smell our favourite food, our heart leaps at just the thought of that special someone. But saying 'Vaahi-guroo Vaahi-guroo' at amritvela just puts us to sleep. The mind wrestles with you 'Go to sleep man! This is a waste of miracles are happening, I cant see no light nor hear the celestial music....just go to sleep man.'

But that's what happens in the first few years, after spending alot of time riding on the glittering attractions, they become boring. That special someone no longer gives you a buzz everytime you see their face, your favourite food just taste average nowadays, that favourite song of yours is getting to sound repetitive....everything's boring. But the one who didn't listen to the mind and carried on saying 'Vaahi-guroo Vaahi-guroo' every amritvela without fail has a different story to tell. 'Vaahi-guroo Vaahi-guroo' gets more and more addictive as you say it, 'Vaahi-guroo Vaahi-guroo' calms the mind down, picks it up out of depression and makes it fly like a bird. 'Vaahi-guroo Vaahi-guroo' wraps you up in an invisible blanket of love and day 'Vaahi-guroo Vaahi-guroo' showers you in God's Love and day 'Vaahi-guroo Vaahi-guroo' makes you feel like your spread out across the whole of creation tuned into everything...and one day 'Vaahi-guroo Vaahi-guroo' tastes like sweet amrit on your tongue...amrit naam....'Naam Prabhoo ka laga meeta' and everything else seems tasteless in comparison.

We are not the first ones to walk on the 'Vaahi-guroo Vaahi-guroo' path, nor are we the last. All we have to do is have faith that it WORKS! It worked for Bhai Lehna Jee, Bhai Amaroo Jee, Bhai Jetha Jee and it worked for Guru Arjun Dev Jee as he sat on the hot plate with burning sand pouring over his blistered shoulders. Without any fear or hate, without any pain or sorrow Guru Arjun Dev Jee's state of mind was 'Tera keea meeta lagey. Har Naam Padarth Nanak Mangey'....Your Will is sweet, Nanak asks for the gift of Naam.

God's Will is Sweet

God's Word is Sweet

God's Naam is Sweet

The one who has these residing in their heart is also sweet. Sweet and gentle in the way s/he speaks, sweet and beautiful to all of God's Creation.

Dhan Guru Arjun Dev Jee....The King of Martyrs.


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