Thursday, February 09, 2006



...I found this on my cousins computer..don't know who wrote it..

The salt from the tears overflowing your eyes dear one, Stings me.
I never wanted to leave you alone to fight.
Let not the hot irons that burnt my flesh burn your spirit
Let not the blood I shed flow to the river formed by the blood of Thousands that will follow if you strength falters
Let not your kirpan(sword) leave your side
Let not your kes (hair) be cut
Let not the beautiful Naam (name of God) leave you
Do not focus on where I have gone, or where I shall go
Focus on strength.
Focus on the nameā€¦.Waheguru

nice post ji..thanks for sharing...
i like the shabad that plays on ur website..since i know about this website..i just come to listen this shabad....
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