Monday, February 13, 2006



This weekend was totally amazing.I realised how lucky I am to have sangat of some gurmukhs. On the ride back from the Kingston Program I was talking to an awesome chardikala Gursikh Uncle. He shared something with me regarding
ekta and the main ingredients of ekta. I will try to write it as I remember but I must tell you, its one of those things that you had to be there to get the love and concern of this Gursikh Piara. And Please forgive me because I know I won't be able to
put it over as Uncle Ji did.

He was reading an excerpt from Kalgidar Chamatkar and as he was reading it he explained to me in English .

There was a diwaan held in the presence of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj. So the Jathedar Singh got up to make an announcement. He told the Singhs/Kaurs present in the diwaan that we are so lucky to be here together as one.By the Guru's grace, we all who came from different caste and creeds was made one by Pitaji. We are ONE with ONE goal which is to serve the Guru. Then he went on to say if theres anyone who holds any grudge towards any brother
or sister in the diwaan please come forward and ask them for their love. Come in front and call it a truce. It is very hard if we as Sikhs of the Guru have enmity towards each other. The whole diwaan was quiet and everyone was looking around to see if anyone would come forward, then one Singh gets up and says " I have no grudge against anyone but now that you have mentioned it, I remembered that while taking out water from the well, me and a fellow Singh got into an argument and this Singh is also present in the diwaan and I would like to beg him for
forgiveness and love." The singh then comes up and they both hugged and all past differences were forgotten. More Singhs came forward and differences were settled. Guru Sahib seeing this happily said, "Dhan Sikhi, Dhan Sikhi, Dhan Sikhi."

Which father wants to see his children fighting and holding grudges against each other ?

Forgive me for not doing justice to this. Tommorrow I will add the other part ...that has to do with the main ingredients of ekta.

Vaheguroooo, we should love each other like brothers and sisters, guru sahib says 'sun sun jeeva soi tina kee jin apna prabh jaata' and 'se sain se sajjna je gurmukh mile subhai' they're like family who sing the praises of our father.
waiting patiently for part 2
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