Tuesday, January 03, 2006


"Why do you not give Raj to the Khalsa?".

This book is truly amazing.This is just one of the many parts that makes you think. I will post more as I come across them...Enjoy..

This is taken from In Search of the True Guru- Bhai Rama Singh JiTotally awesome book..One day , Giani Pritam Singh Ji, the Head Granthi of Patna Sahib Ji, was doing katha at Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara. He said that one day the Khalsa will become so feeble that they will not even care for the Guru. The Giani Ji said that even during the time of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji the question of Khalsa Raj came up. The Singhs asked, "Why do you not give Raj to the Khalsa?". The all knowing Satguru Ji carried out an unusual test. He asked for sweet rice to be prepared with many other expensive and delicious ingredients and spread this rice on a white sheet. He asked for about a dozen dogs to be brought in. When the dogs saw the rice they started barking and snarling at each other. None ate the rice, they just spread the rice around in dirt with their feet and kept snarling at each other.In the same way the Singhs are not Understanding the value of gurbani. They quarrel with each other for leadership. Until such time as the Khalsa begins to observe Rehat,recite Gurbani and do Naam Simran, Khalsa will not get their own raj.

Its a truly inspiring book.

I never had the oppurtunity to meet Bhai Sahib while he was alive, but his Jeevan is amazing.

His perspective on Khalsa Raaj, life, Sewa etc is very inspiring.

I recommend the book to anyone who hasn't read it. Its simple to read (simple English) and is in small (i mean very small!) chapters which helps to break down the reading.
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