Saturday, January 14, 2006


This is Ridiculous!

This is ridiculous!

I can't believe this is happening. Singhs in Malaysia needs to tackle this issue. Its been centuries since Sikhs have been around and still Persecution like this exist. Read below for story.

Active discussion on this can be found at :

TROUBLING ISSUE: Jasmel Singh is upset that Ranveer Singh has not been allowed by his school to keep his beard, moustache and sideburns.

‘Shave or leave’ order enrages punjabi man

BATU GAJAH: A Punjabi man is enraged that his Form Five son is being forced to shave his beard and moustache by the school authorities.

Jasmel Singh, 45, said his son Ranveer Singh was informed by the school principal last week that he could not keep facial hair or sport sideburns as it was against school regulations.

“I find the ruling absurd as according to our religion, a Sikh is not supposed to remove hair on any part of his body,” he complained.

The father of three said he tried to meet the principal to explain the matter but was turned away.

“She just curtly turned me away and said if my son refused to follow her instruction, he should get himself transferred to another school.

“She has given him an ultimatum to turn up clean shaven by Monday,” said Jasmel Singh.

Describing the ruling as discriminatory, Jasmel Singh said he would not bow to the principal’s demand.

“If I force my son to shave his facial hair, what kind of example am I setting for him?” he asked, adding that the issue should not arise as long as his son was neat and presentable.

Ranveer Singh, 17, who will be sitting for his SPM this year, said the matter had caused him undue stress.

“I find it hard to concentrate in class because of this,” he said.

State Education Department Mohamad Zakaria Mohd Noor said Ranveer Singh could write to the director of schools unit under the Education Ministry to be permitted to keep his facial hair and side burns.

“At the moment, he will not be forced to shave his hair,” said Mohamad Zakaria.

In an immediate response, Jasmel Singh said he would not write the letter as it was irrelevant.

“It is ridiculous to get permission for a religious requirement,” he said.

its sorted out now, which is great
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