Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Spirit of Reverence for Knowledge ( Deep)

“The disciples are so large of heart that all views of life taken from different angles have some truth for them.

One infinite is comprehended, yet another infinite remains to be understood, and there yet a new infinite. There are myriad of skies, there are myriad of stars and myriads of Nether Regions. There is no end to vastness.

So take up a view and give the seeing of it as you see, to others if you can; but be charitable and forgive them if they do not see as you see. For they, too, are led on the Way by Him who leads you.

This is the spirit of reverence for knowledge. Never talk lightly of efforts that others are making to know God. All are moving on to Him. All progress of soul is towards God. Those of you who are educated should be still more humble…

Prof. Puran Singh

Spirit of the Sikh – Vol. II, Part I

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