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Return from Vancouver

Post moved up --read comment by Gursikhs of Tapoban Sahib regarding Bhai Sahib Parminder Singh.

Wahegurooo Wahegurooooo Wahegurooooo Wahegurooooooo Waheguroooooooo

I haven't been posting on this much for a long time. I was so off of everything..what can i say to inspire others when I'm not living upto it myself. So its been two days since I got back from Vancouver . The samagam was getting better as the days went by but we had to come back on the Thursdays. Thursday was one of the 'special days' in Vancouver..the final hours were spent with some wicked Gursikhs( I won't mention names here because they wouldn't appreciate that) but we went to Bibi Rena Kaurs house. There was something special there...I will post about it later but I just wanted to post something about Bhai Sahib Parminder Singh I had promised...this is what others have said about him on some forums....I will post what they said

Simmal Tree :

vaaheguroo jee kaa khaalsaa
vaaheguroo jee kee fatheh !!!!

when i was given khande-ke-pahul in 2001, bhai sahib was the jathedar of the punj pyare. i cannot really disclose what my punj pyare said at that time, but i can say this - that the punj pyare did their seva with such nimarta, josh, strength, honour, and discipline that i was amazed. usually the jathedar of the punj pyare does a small speech about what is amrit and what life as an amritdhari is. well, bhai sahib said many inspiring things at this time which i cannot repeat but the most amazing thing was the look in his eyes - his eyes were not normal eyes - they had a whole history of their own. they had a whole philosophy of their own. they were very courageous, brave, high-spirited looking eyes, and sometimes they would change from the roaring heat of the sun to the silent calm of the moon - his eyes showed his saint-soldier combination.

when guru nanak academy opened in september 2003, bhai parminder singh ji and the directors of the academy decided to have a kirtan to thank guru ji and welcome the sangat for the academy's opening

bhai sahib called maybe 15-20 people, and a few other people made some phone calls, and altogether about 70-80 people were called.

the first indication that guru sahib was doing their kirpa was when we went downstairs and saw that there were so many shoes. we started arranging them in pairs and went upstairs.

bhai sahib was sitting inside and somebody called him and told him that in the background, during the kirtan, they started to serve langar in the room at the back. they said they think the parshaday are going to run out.

parminder singh was surprised and he had a huge smile on his face. he said, "i only called 15-20 people and it looks like there are 300 people here... guru sahib is amazing"

i smiled and i went inside - when i came back for some reason, i saw bhai sahib cleaning the sangats shoes. i slowly walked up behind bhai sahib and just looked at him for a long time. he finally noticed i was there and he just grinned very humbly and he was a little bit shy and he had a sparkle in his eye - i would not doubt it was a tear of gratitude for guru sahib's kirpa.

the night of guru sahib's kirpa did not end there, there is another amazing incident from the same kirtan, relating to his katha and his experience before the katha, but i think tejinder singh would explain this better... i'm having a hard time trying to summarize anything because i don't think i can do justice to them or the lessons they have taught me and the sangat in general

i don't know how to talk about them and what to say

they had many closer friends and more important people - a moorakh like me can't explain their qualities.

in the dark night, the beautiful moon shines, it shines on a lot of people - and people from all different angles can comment on its characteristics.

while i know my feelings in my heart and what feelings other gursikhs have - sometimes its hard to write it out on short notice.

i will ask the sevadars at gurmat studies foundation if they can update their websites, and hopefully eventually there will be full biographies and more information about bhai parminder singh ji, bibi rena kaur ji and ustaad bhai charnjit singh ji.

vaaheguroo jee kaa khaalsaa
vaaheguroo jee kee fatheh !!!!

Gursikhs from Gurdwara Tapoban Sahib :

We never met Bhai Rajinder Singh, Bibi Rena Kaur and Bhai Charanjit Singh but were fortunate enough to have met Bhai Parminder Singh when he came to Gurdwara Tapoban Sahib in March of this year. We were doing Gurbani Santhiya at that time and he joined us for an hour or so. He gave his valuable input during the santhiya, and the striking thing that we noticed about him was his “Hansoo Hansoo karda Chehra” (His countenance with Gurmukhi smile).He was wearing a Kesri (Orange) Hazooriya and when the Singhs requested him to change his hazooriya for a white hazooriya, he did not argue back or display ego as many people of his status would do. He humbly nodded his head and took the white hazooriya. He face stayed “hansoo hansoo”. This one incident is enough to convince us that Gurbani Paath had cast a very positive influence over him. He was not an ordinary person but a very positive gursikh. Then we visited the Malton Camp where he was teaching the students and spoke to him there too. We found him to be a very pyaara Gursikh.Furthermore, we heard from Gurmukhs across the world that he had love and respect for Gursikhs of all jathas and was eager to attain unity in the Panth. We have great respect for this veer and regret that he could not finish the mission he started.


You're back. : )
Happy New Year!!!!!!!!
May Waheguru bring you a step closer to Him with each day that passes
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