Saturday, June 04, 2005


It bothers me

Don't you hate it...You go around sharing with people the greatness of sikhi and you tell them the stuff thats written in gurbani and how sikhs should be etc then out of a blue comes a punjabi in a sikh appearance and he does everything thats against sikhi..and not only that he claims that he's a Khalsa....sometimes I wonder who are we really kidding??....


bro i know what u mean...and ur probably referring to jaspaul singhs best friend, mohack chowdairy. Madness eh

well thats just one out of the many incidents....hope Guruji bless that guy with some 'buddhi'.
I have currently finished uni. I was so wrapped up in my stuidies that i forot to look at the people who where my friend at a sikh college who came to uni with me. i phoned them up ne day and they said yeh come we willgo to the gurdwara, i was dragged by one of the persons and was made to smoke! when i got the train home my mummy ji said to me where have you een, i had said to me my old friends! My mum just looked at me and walked past me, she then stepped back, she asked me why do i smell of smoke, (i was so upset that i had to lie to mother and say to her that on the train there was some man smoking and i was standing next to him, that is how the smell got into my clothes) Mummy ji said fine, and told me to go and freshen up.

i will never forget that day!

todays sikh community is changing soooo much and something shud be done. these friends of mine had, had alot of sikhi knowklegde but the society today i think just changed them around.

It is just amazing how people can change! Even if you tell them that guru jis gurbani teaches us this and that, but it doesn't seem to sink in. What are your views on this? and What do you fink can be done?

Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh
Well bro/sis,
All we can do is live up to the teachings of guruji and encourage our friends to get involve in sikh events....the most we can do is try to educate them....and if its in their lekh...guruji will change them :)
see i have heard frm many people that maya tries to stop use from reaching the state of____:) Like you said friends of yours were all into sikhi before. thats the thing...We need GUru sahib jis kirpa on us all teh time and good sangat otherwise its really hard to get out of this worldly things (its an ocean as Guru sahib ji describe it...and Bin Guru Duba sansa meaning Without Guru the whole world drowns) hope that helps..and do ardas forme that Guru shaib ji keeps me close to him all the time.
bhul chuk muaff
i my self am a moorakh and know how peer presure is..even at the last yr of uni but still i see my self sometimes torn between what friends are doing and what i know sikhi says. I am trying to be with those types of people who have same values and think the same way(Gurmukhs):)
bin bhaga sat sung na labhey bin sangat maal bhari-jeyh jio!_/\_
wahegur ang sang!
Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh..


am writing it too late i think.... but the fact is i came across this one jus nw...

so if u chek plz do consider ...

our society,religion etc. start frm ourself.. so do take care of your self.. i mean .... start doing sadhna... maintain yourself sipirtually... maintain your AURA so strong that if any body comes in your contact .. he/she shud feel the power(of gurbani ofcourse)

so changing the society is ...chnaging ONESELF!

hope this helps .. n hope it 'll reach u ..

Waheguru ji ka khalsa ... wahe guru ji ki fateh!
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