Monday, June 06, 2005


Akal Takht desecrated by Indian Government in 1984

It's been 21 years Since the so called 'Operation Bluestar'...its very sad to know that the Country that Sikhs had fought for became their own enemies...its like a Satanic mother killing her own children..... Here are some links to some websites that can provide more info about the operation against Sikhs :

Bhindranwale caused that on the Sikhs!!! Blame him Damnit!
Okay You keep thinking that...
u say it was the govt. but wot the hell was the bhindranwala and his gang doing with guns inside the gurudwara.. this guy was given power by indira gandhi n he got out of their hands... he captured harmandir sahib n the army just got it free from those terrorists. how cud these people think that punjab cud be a different country from india.
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