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Today's Hukumnama

This Shabad is by Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Raag Bilaaval on Pannaa 832

bilaaval mehalaa 1
Bilaaval, First Mehl:

man kaa kehiaa manasaa karai
The human acts according to the wishes of the mind.

eihu man pu(n)n paap oucharai
This mind feeds on virtue and vice.
maaeiaa madh maathae thripath n aavai
Intoxicated with the wine of Maya, satisfaction never comes.

thripath mukath man saachaa bhaavai 1
Satisfaction and liberation come, only to one whose mind is pleasing to the True Lord. 1
than dhhan kalath sabh dhaekh abhimaanaa
Gazing upon his body, wealth, wife and all his possessions, he is proud.

bin naavai kishh sa(n)g n jaanaa 1 rehaao
But without the Name of the Lord, nothing shall go along with him. 1Pause

keechehi ras bhog khuseeaa man kaeree
He enjoys tastes, pleasures and joys in his mind.
dhhan lokaa(n) than bhasamai dtaeree
But his wealth will pass on to other people, and his body will be reduced to ashes.

khaakoo khaak ralai sabh fail
The entire expanse, like dust, shall mix with dust.
bin sabadhai nehee outharai mail 2
Without the Word of the Shabad, his filth is not removed. 2
geeth raag ghan thaal s koorae
The various songs, tunes and rhythms are false.

thrihu gun oupajai binasai dhoorae
Trapped by the three qualities, people come and go, far from the Lord.

dhoojee dhuramath dharadh n jaae
In duality, the pain of their evil-mindedness does not leave them.
shhoottai guramukh dhaaroo gun gaae 3
But the Gurmukh is emancipated by taking the medicine, and singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. 3

dhhothee oojal thilak gal maalaa
He may wear a clean loin-cloth, apply the ceremonial mark to his forehead, and wear a mala around his neck;

a(n)thar krodhh parrehi naatt saalaa
but if there is anger within him, he is merely reading his part, like an actor in a play.
naam visaar maaeiaa madh peeaa
Forgetting the Naam, the Name of the Lord, he drinks in the wine of Maya.
bin gur bhagath naahee sukh thheeaa 4
Without devotional worship to the Guru, there is no peace. 4

sookar suaan garadhhabh ma(n)jaaraa
The human is a pig, a dog, a donkey, a cat,
pasoo malaeshh neech cha(n)ddaalaa
a beast, a filthy, lowly wretch, an outcast,

gur thae muhu faerae thinh jon bhavaaeeai
if he turns his face away from the Guru. He shall wander in reincarnation.

ba(n)dhhan baadhhiaa aaeeai jaaeeai 5
Bound in bondage, he comes and goes. 5

gur saevaa thae lehai padhaarathh
Serving the Guru, the treasure is found.
hiradhai naam sadhaa kirathaarathh
With the Naam in the heart, one always prospers.

saachee dharageh pooshh n hoe
And in the Court of the True Lord, you shall not called to account.
maanae hukam seejhai dhar soe 6
One who obeys the Hukam of the Lord's Command, is approved at the Lord's Door. 6

sathigur milai th this ko jaanai
Meeting the True Guru, one knows the Lord.
rehai rajaaee hukam pashhaanai
Understanding the Hukam of His Command, one acts according to His Will.
hukam pashhaan sachai dhar vaas
Understanding the Hukam of His Command, he dwells in the Court of the True Lord.
kaal bikaal sabadh bheae naas 7
Through the Shabad, death and birth are ended. 7
rehai atheeth jaanai sabh this kaa
He remains detached, knowing that everything belongs to God.
than man arapai hai eihu jis kaa
He dedicates his body and mind unto the One who owns them.
naa ouhu aavai naa ouhu jaae
He does not come, and he does not go.
naanak saachae saach samaae 82
O Nanak, absorbed in Truth, he merges in the True Lord. 82

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